4 Questions for Matt Mowers to Answer for New Hampshire Voters


Candidate’s Voter Fraud Excuses Don’t Add Up

Revelations that Matt Mowers committed voter fraud under federal law by voting twice in different states in the same primary election raise difficult new questions for the candidate from New Jersey. Mowers needs to answer these questions and explain why he thinks his vote should count more than the rest of ours.

    1. Many professional political operatives like you move between many states during presidential elections as the primary calendar progresses. New Hampshire hosts the First in the Nation Primary and attracts hundreds of out-of-state election workers like yourself every presidential election cycle. After the primary concludes, most of them will pack their bags and go home after losing, like you did, or carry on to the next round of primaries. Under the false logic you rely on, all of them should be able to vote in New Hampshire and then again and again as they traverse the country. Is that correct?

    2. You claim it was legal to vote in multiple states in the same election because you had moved back to your home state of New Jersey prior to their primary after voting in New Hampshire. As New Hampshire state director for the Chris Christie campaign, did you direct other imported staffers on your payroll in the state to commit voter fraud by voting in the New Hampshire primary before returning to their home states to also vote there?

    3. Are you aware of any other Chris Christie staff members who voted in multiple state primaries or are you the only one?

    4. As you know, it is a controversial practice in New Hampshire to allow college students from out of state to vote in our elections while matriculating here. Do you agree with this practice, and do you believe that students should be able to vote in multiple state primaries like you did so long as they move back home in advance of their home state primaries as many do once the spring semester ends? If not, why is their situation any different than yours?