Business Leaders for Gail


Gail Huff Brown Announces Business Leaders For Gail Coalition

After receiving the endorsement of Linda McMahon, Huff Brown rolled out a Business Leaders for Gail Coalition to be headed up by Jim Boyle.

RYE, NH- Today, Gail Huff Brown announced a Business Leaders for Gail coalition with Jim Boyle of Toyota of Portsmouth as Chair. This coalition follows Huff Brown’s recent endorsement from former Administrator for the Small Business Administration under President Trump, Linda McMahon.

“Our business community is the backbone of New Hampshire’s economy and they deserve a representative who will be their voice in Washington D.C. I will be that voice.” said Huff Brown.

“I am proud to announce that my Business Leaders for Gail coalition will be led by Jim Boyle, owner of the successful Toyota of Portsmouth and will include leaders from a wide range of fields including food service, auto industry, and real estate.”

“Gail Huff Brown has the real-world experience to understand what our business community needs to thrive. I am confident Gail will take that fight to Congress to get America’s economy back on track.” said Jim Boyle.

New Hampshire Business Leaders for Gail:

Jim Boyle, Chair
Frank Cimler Esq.
Oneta Modern
Joe Faro
Chris Olsen
Dr. Jeffery Barbour
Dave Harvey
Dr. Duke Lovetere
Bill Mouflouze
Peter Paul
Jeremy Fletcher
Jill Jarvis
Kendra Cole
Vince Raciti
David Fortier
Pete Aikins Jr.
Allen Pechner
Stephen Rogers
Jenn Madden
Peter White
Nora Fournier
Daniel Gray
Dr. Brian Nagy
Peggy Carter
David Greer
Jeff Donatello
Kelly Donatello
Bill Marconi