Gail Huff Brown Issues Statement on Vladimir Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine


Huff Brown urges the Biden Administration to take action.

RYE, NH – Today Gail Huff Brown released the following statement on Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine:

“President Trump’s bold actions held bad actors at bay and kept brutal dictators like Vladimir Putin from engaging in revanchist military actions. Once again, with Joe Biden in office, Vladimir Putin is violating the sovereignty of Ukraine and launching a violent military invasion under the false guise of victimhood,” said Huff Brown.

“Joe Biden, emboldened by fellow Democrats in Congress, has responded in a fatally slow manner. When it became clear this invasion was on the horizon, Biden failed to marshal the full strength of our response at home and abroad. From his early opposition to sanctions on the Nord Stream II pipeline to his reactionary rally of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the American response has once again fallen short of its potential.

“In 2014, the year Russia last invaded Ukraine, the Obama-Biden Administration’s former Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, said Joe Biden ‘has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.’ Americans agree, today a University of New Hampshire poll showed that Biden has a meager 44% approval on his handling of foreign affairs.

“The Biden Administration cannot delay further. The implementation of today’s sanctions, including new sanctions on the Nord Stream II, was too little, too late.

“Joe Biden’s decision to make the United States an energy-dependent country has made us vulnerable to countries who wish us and our allies harm while enriching Russian oligarchs. Immediate action must be taken to restore American energy independence, restart the Keystone XL pipeline, and reassure our allies that we will assist them with their energy concerns.

“Without delay, Joe Biden must strengthen already imposed sanctions and remove Russia from the SWIFT banking system. Should Biden be unable to get the support of our European allies, he must act unilaterally to block Russian companies’ access to the U.S. dollar.

“If we fail to act, there is no reason to believe that Vladimir Putin will stop with Ukraine. The world, especially the Chinese Communist Party, is watching.

“The world must act and we must lead.”