Gail Huff Brown Releases Plan to Secure Our Elections Now


RYE, NH – Today, Gail Huff Brown announced her plan to strengthen election integrity by making it easier to vote and harder to cheat while respecting a state’s right to run their own elections. Her announcement comes a day after Matt Mowers was found to have potentially committed voter fraud.

“Voting is a sacred right for all Americans,” said Huff Brown.

“We should have simple rules that make voting easy and cheating hard. I’m excited to announce the priorities that I will fight for in Congress to strengthen the integrity of our elections and ensure that cheaters pay the price for their crime against our democracy.”

Gail’s Plan to Secure Our Elections Now


  • Mandatory Voter ID Law Those seeking to vote should present verified identification just like you must do when you buy a beer, board a plane or establish employment eligibility.


  • Remove The Statute Of Limitations For Voter Fraud Voter fraud is a gravely serious offense that undermines our democracy and compromises confidence in our elections. Those who commit voter fraud, whether it was a year ago or six years ago, must be held accountable and prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law.


  • Increase Penalties For Voter Fraud  Our right to vote is our most sacred right, and every fraudulent vote cancels out a legitimate one. We need to treat voter fraud as the crime against democracy that it is by increasing penalties so that would-be election thieves think twice before cheating.


  • Protect States Rights And The First In The Nation Primary Our friends and neighbors who we know and trust should oversee our elections, instead of nameless, faceless, federal bureaucrats. We need to prevent the federalization of our elections. While Chris Pappas supports stripping New Hampshire of our First in the Nation status, Gail is committed to protecting New Hampshire’s time-honored electoral traditions.


  • Election Audits Where credible evidence of election irregularities exists, we must conduct forensic audits by a multi-partisan committee of election security experts, just as we did in the town of Windham. Proper audits in legitimate circumstances strengthen confidence in our elections and in our government.


  • In-Person Voting Except With A Legitimate Excuse In-person voting on Election Day is not just an important part of our civic culture, but it is a critical election security measure that requires you to show yourself at the polls. New Hampshire should retain its custom of in-person voting, and continue to allow absentee voting only under special circumstances where it is a necessary accommodation for someone to cast their ballot.


  • Enhanced Training For Elections Officials Our election officials are mostly volunteers doing the best they can to implement free and fair elections, and they almost always get it right. But innocent mistakes do happen. By providing enhanced training on proper election procedures we can reduce human error and the resulting frustration and cynicism.