Gail Huff Brown Releases Radio Ad “The True Conservative”


RYE, NH – Today, Gail Huff Brown released her first radio ad of the cycle.

The ad highlights Sean Hannity’s support of Gail’s platform, which includes securing our border, increasing election integrity, returning to energy independence, and putting an end to Biden-flation.
During his endorsement, Sean Hannity said “When I see and identify real conservatives, she is a conservative… I’ve now looked through all the materials and I’ll be honest, Gail, I’m not giving endorsements out easily this season but I am endorsing your candidacy and the main reason is your platform.”
“Our leaders aren’t listening to us, and they aren’t up to the job. We can do better. That is why I am excited to launch my first radio ad as we work to take back our voice in Washington.” Said Huff Brown.
You can listen to the radio ad here.