National Border Patrol Council Endorses Gail Huff Brown for United States Congress


TUCSON, AZ – Today, National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) President Brandon Judd issued the following statement after the NBPC officially endorsed Gail Huff Brown for election in New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District.

“Gail is the first and only candidate in her race to visit the southern border. She understands the need to secure our border and support the crucial border security mission.

“A porous southern border leaves our entire nation vulnerable to drugs, crime, and potential terrorism – while also creating a humanitarian crisis and sending the wrong message to those seeking to immigrate to the United States legally.

“The National Border Patrol Council is confident in Gail Huff Brown’s honesty and tenacity, traits that if exhibited more by members in the halls of Congress would not only fix the border crisis but a host of other issues facing our citizens today.

“Gail will do what is necessary to bring safety and security to all the men, women, and children of New Hampshire. Please support border security and the safety of this great nation by voting for Gail Huff Brown.”