Combatting Socialism


The free enterprise system made America the greatest, most prosperous nation on earth, and provided our people with opportunities unheard of in other places around the globe. Indeed, there is no American Dream, no American exceptionalism, without the capitalist system. But today that system is under attack, and the same brand of socialism that has mired much of the rest of the world in mediocrity and stagnation is on the march right here at home.


We are already feeling the disastrous results. The Pappas-Pelosi-Biden spending spree is causing rampant inflation and the cost of everyday goods and services is going up. Shelves are sparse while the deficit balloons. The price of food, gas, and home heating oil are skyrocketing. Chris Pappas has refused to fight for New Hampshire pocketbooks. On Day One, I will work to lower prices, not raise them. Out-of-control energy costs that might not hurt residents in Pelosi’s California make for a long, cold, costly winter here in the White Mountains.


If we don’t change course, America will lose its special place as a beacon of hope, and instead will join the ranks of welfare states that long ago gave up on the idea of economic freedom, independence, and opportunity. And soon, there will be no one left to answer the call when the world needs the ingenuity, power, and strength that only our American economic system provides.


I will stand strong in defense of our economic security, fight the socialist spending spree that Pappas-Pelosi-Biden are forcing on us, work to keep taxes low on our families and small businesses, and ensure that America will always stand tall.

Securing The Border


The United States is a great country because we stand for opportunity for all, and we welcome those who want to improve their lives, live under our flag, and enrich our own experience by sharing theirs. That’s why so many people flock to our shores each year in search of a better future.


But no country can withstand an unrelenting flood of illegal immigrants who cross their border against the laws. We can’t blame them for wanting to be here, but we can blame a leadership that fails to defend our sovereignty, enforce our laws, and whose policies actually incentivize illegal immigration.


Open borders are bad for America, imposing stress on social programs meant for, and paid for, by Americans and legal visitors. Open borders lead to the exploitation of migrants by “coyotes” and cartels, and allow deadly drugs, and those who peddle them, to flood our communities. Open borders offer opportunity to those who want to harm us. And open borders are unfair to immigrants who are respecting our laws.


We must secure our borders. It is our sacred obligation. We need to finish the wall, fund the technology, and hire border agents to stop attempted crossings. President Trump’s “Stay In Mexico” policy must be enforced.


America is a welcoming nation, and we must always be a haven for the tired, poor, and huddled masses. We can only remain that way by gaining control over our borders.

Defending America & Americans


There has never been a more shameful moment in the history of U.S. foreign policy than when Joe Biden abandoned American citizens and our allies in Afghanistan, leaving them at the hands of Taliban terrorists. As the wife of a military officer, as someone who served U.S. interests overseas, and as an American, I was shocked and appalled by this disgraceful act of betrayal. Congressman Chris Pappas was silent.


It is the first obligation of our government and our Commander-in-Chief to protect and defend Americans at home and abroad. Biden’s abdication of duty in Afghanistan emboldens our enemies, alarms our allies, and makes our country less secure.


China caught us off guard with the development of new hypersonic nuclear missile technology which threatens American military preeminence. The administration sowed confusion with respect to our position on Taiwan. Russia acts with impunity while threatening the invasion of Ukraine. And Kim Jong-Un has resumed missile testing in a show of defiance.


America is losing its standing in the world thanks to Joe Biden’s feckless foreign policy. As the president of the Diplomatic Spouses Association during President Trump’s administration, I got firsthand experience and understanding of threats posed by America’s enemies and geopolitical adversaries. I practiced the soft diplomacy of relationship building and I understand that weakness invites threats, while strength encourages peace.


As your congresswoman, I will fight for a strong military, while keeping our promises to our veterans who risk it all to protect us.

Protecting The Constitution


The U.S. Constitution is the greatest contract ever conceived between a people, and make no mistake, it is a contract that has served us well. The rights enshrined in our Constitution are not meant to be redefined, repurposed, or discarded out of political convenience or because some people decide they are no longer fashionable. The Constitution is the unbreakable bond that ties Americans together.


We need to defend our Bill of Rights. As a journalist, I’m especially outraged when there’s an attempt to cancel people for practicing their free speech rights. We must not allow their intimidation to silence us. The Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens must be upheld. As a proud gun owner, I will champion gun rights.


I’ll fight to protect and defend all of our constitutional rights.

Respecting Law Enforcement


Our police are on the frontlines protecting our communities, our homes, and our businesses. They have to make split-second life or death decisions in a job that’s harder than their critics can imagine.


In New Hampshire, we honor our men and women in uniform. But in Congress, Chris Pappas has refused to condemn the extremist “Defund the Police” movement, which treats cops like criminals and criminals like victims. Our brave men and women in uniform have asked us to defend qualified immunity. Chris Pappas has worked to strip them of this important protection.

Far from defunding the police, we owe our law enforcement the resources they need to do the job we ask them to do. They deserve the numbers, equipment, compensation, training, and moral support necessary to go out each day and take on the criminals.


Thanks to the “Defund” movement , criminals think they can run wild in the streets while the politicians will protect them. No one should be surprised that our big cities are being overrun by violent crime, and lawlessness.


I’ll stand up for our police and law enforcement, insist on law and order, and make sure criminals know that there will be consequences for their behavior.

Restoring Confidence in Elections


America is the world’s longest surviving democracy, but there’s no guarantee that it lasts forever. As Ronald Reagan said, democracy “is never more than one generation away from extinction.”


It is an existential threat that so many Americans have lost faith in our electoral system and it’s hard to blame them. In 2020, Democrats used COVID-19 as a pretense for changing the voting rules. Now they want to make those rules permanent. States across the country have already begun to make those changes permanent. What were once considered emergency measures are now law.


Elections shouldn’t be complicated. We should have simple rules that make voting easy and make cheating hard. Election Day should be one day, not 30 or 45 days. We must register in advance so eligibility can be confirmed. Votes should be cast in person while showing an ID — just like you must do when you buy a six-pack of beer. Our friends and neighbors, who we know and trust should oversee our elections, instead of nameless, faceless federal bureaucrats.


We must never give up New Hampshire’s status as the First-In-The-Nation primary. Our unique, grassroots style of politics is a critical safeguard that ensures big money and Big Tech aren’t deciding factors in making our presidential nominations.

Back To Basics Education


Public schools should be for teaching kids how to think, not what to think. We need to get back to basics—reading, writing, arithmetic, science, geography, and history. We cannot allow history to be taught a certain way to fit a political agenda.


Our schools are supposed to be places where our families come together and build their communities. We must not let critical race theory, and the attitudes that flow from it, turn our classrooms into centers of division and resentment.


Parents are entitled to provide input into curriculums. We can never forget that parents pay the bills for the schools and are the ultimate arbiters of their children’s education. When they are unsatisfied with the education that is provided by their public schools, they should have the choice to send their child to a different school that is better suited for their child’s educational development.




Healthcare should be affordable and accessible to all. Obamacare promised us more affordable health care, but instead we have gotten the opposite. As insurance premiums continue to skyrocket, Democrats in Washington want to continue down the path of socialized medicine, with government expansion into the health care system by way of Biden’s Build Back Better — a bill supported by Chris Pappas.


I have seen first-hand the effects that socialized medicine had on a country. From outdated medical practices to long waiting lines and rationed care, socialized medicine puts our health into the hands of bureaucrats when it should be in the hands of doctors and patients.


Now more than ever, it is vital that we foster competition in a patient-centered, market-based healthcare system. By driving competition and bringing more transparency to healthcare pricing, we can lower costs, encourage innovation, and improve quality and access. When it comes to lowering prescription drug prices, competition is vital.


America is also in the midst of a mental health crisis, which is being exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Mental health challenges are contributing to substance abuse, homelessness, and crime. Because mental health is at the center of so many of our society’s problems, it is critical that we destigmatize mental health conditions and work to get people the help they need. In Congress, this will be one of my major priorities.


Ending the Mandates


The United States of America is a nation founded on personal liberty and individual responsibility, but Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandates take power away from individuals to make their own decisions. I believe these mandates are unconstitutional. They are certainly bad policies, resulting in labor shortages across our economy. Our healthcare system is particularly impacted. Only months ago, nurses and doctors were celebrated as heroes, and now they are treated as villains for exercising their own healthcare choices.


We need to end Biden’s vaccine mandate, stop telling private businesses how to operate, and stop the federal government from imposing their will on states and their citizens.


In Congress, I will fight for individual liberty, and I will put an end to Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chris Pappas’ mandates.